BUS Commissioning

During this phase OPER team tries to determine state of the satellite. Received telemetry frames are analysed during this phase. Tasks list:


Status Task
First Beacon received. Beacons receiving by HAM radio and PW-Sat2 GSs. Main PW-Sat2 GS sends Send Beacon telecommands to request more beacon frames.
First Files List downloaded. To check that both /leop_telemetry and /leop exist.
Requested chunks of /telemetry.leop and /leop downloaded. To find out what was happening at the beginning.
Requested chunks of /telemetry.current downloaded. To get a better look on the state of the satellite between few last orbits.
Deleted /telemetry.leop and /leop. To free space.
Set Antenna Deployment Mask called. If a stable radio link was established call this telecommand. It disables Antenna Deployment Process after every reboot.

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